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For financials with a purpose.

Dare to stand out. We turn right when the herd turns left. Join the movement today.

We are a community of forward thinkers

We turn right when the herd turns left.

Because we know what we are capable of, because we are independent, we don’t want to distance ourselves but we dare to stand out with it. Yes, we want to be the best. And yes, we prefer only the best people to join us. Why? Because when you are independent, when you dare to stand up, when you have the courage to unleash yourself, when you feel that you are not just a financial person but a “finest financial” person, a little different, a little smarter, a little blazier, maybe a little crazier, and a little bolder, yes, a little more worldly because you look beyond your spreadsheet, then you know, you feel, that you belong to a group of like-minded individuals:

Rixdale – The finest financials only.

It's a mentality.

In our quest for excellence, we prioritize a collaborative and inclusive approach. We value diverse perspectives and believe that the synergy of different backgrounds and experiences fuels our collective success. We foster an environment where open communication, mutual respect, and teamwork thrive.

Why join Rixdale?

  • Interesting projects that give your CV an ultimate boost
  • Positive work-life balance
  • Growth by collaboration
  • Like minded people
  • Independent but powered by the herd