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These times
require a solution
driven spirit.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s more important than ever to have a solution-driven spirit. The challenges we face today require creative thinking, adaptability, and the willingness to explore new possibilities. All true, but above all: real solutions. The best solution! Without any obscuring delay. We strive to drive only the finest solutions. That’s what we do.

Enjoy the privilege to stay ahead.

Staying ahead means you operate on top of the wave so you only need to worry about what is in front of you. We will make sure your company stay’s on top of the wave and together with you we look above and beyond the horizon.

We are here for any size of business.

We don’t discriminate. We work for very large corporates, but also for smaller companies, and you know, in the end it’s not about the size, it’s about the motion. Working alongside your company, our people combine innovation and insight to solve even your toughest problems. With innovative business knowledge and industry experience, our variety of services help your business exceed your expectations.

Rixdale services in which we
make the difference.

Audit with the finest financials only.

With our auditors, you can rest assured that your organization’s financial statements will be thoroughly examined, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and best practices. Our expertise extends across various industries, guaranteeing a meticulous audit that goes beyond the numbers, uncovering potential risks and opportunities for improvement.

  • By choosing our auditors, you are partnering with a trusted and reliable firm that upholds the highest standards of professionalism, objectivity, and confidentiality. We strive to deliver accurate and transparent results, empowering you to make informed decisions and install confidence among stakeholders.

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Benefits of a Rixdale controller

Overseeing the day-to-day finance operations is the key task of a finest financial controller. They will produce accurate records and books at any given time. The faster, the better. They help to develop the data your company needs to make strategic decisions. With a good balance of hard- and softskills they can navigate through different landscapes.

When does your company need a finest financial controller?

  • Staff member is on sick- or maternity leave
  • Unexpected increase in work-load
  • Growth of your company
  • Company outgrows the ability of bookkeepers
  • Compliance

Different roles in controlling:

  • Financial controller
  • Project controller
  • Business controller
  • Corporate controller

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We've pinpointed the 10 most common problems at companies like yours.

  1. Lack of financial control, inaccurate financial reporting, loss of investor confidence
  2. Delayed project timelines, missed business opportunities, inefficient resource allocation
  3. Reduced productivity, missed deadlines, inaccurate financial reporting
  4. Inaccurate financial reporting, regulatory compliance issues, missed business opportunities
  5. Poor integration, loss of synergies, financial losses
  6. Inefficient system implementation, inaccurate financial reporting, financial losses, other work left undone
  7. Missed cost-saving opportunities, potential financial losses, lack of control
  8. Inaccurate financial projections, inefficient resource allocation, missed business opportunities
  9. Regulatory compliance issues, fines, reputational damage
  10. Financial losses or bankruptcy
  1. Sudden loss of financial staff due to resignation or illness
  2. Unexpected increase in workload or new project that requires additional financial expertise
  3. Temporary replacement needed for a staff member on maternity/paternity leave
  4. Specialist financial expertise needed for a short-term project
  5. Need for financial expertise during a merger or acquisition
  6. Need for temporary financial expertise during a system implementation or upgrade
  7. Lack of financial control – Cost-cutting measures
  8. Need for additional financial expertise during a budgeting or forecasting process
  9. Need for temporary financial expertise during a regulatory compliance review or audit or in auditing processes
  10. Need for financial expertise during a crisis or turnaround situation
  1. Provide temporary financial staff to ensure continuity
  2. Secondment services to supplement existing staff
  3. Interim financials
  4. Financial Specialist
  5. Secondment services to support due diligence, integration or value calculations
  6. Temporary financial staff with specific system implementation experience and change- and/or projectmanagement skills
  7. Secondment Accountant, Interim Cost Analyst, Interim Financial Controller
  8. Financial Planning & Analysis Specialist
  9. Interim Accountant / Compliance Analyst
  10. Financial Restructuring Consultant