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Our quest

We are on an extraordinary quest
to equip companies
with the finest financials
and the priceless currency of a strong start,
unlocking the potential for remarkable success.



So, what about us?

We started Rixdale because companies are in need of financials that dare to stand out. Financial roles are shifting from traditional transactional tasks to strategic and analytical functions. We acknowledge the need for more worldly financials that look beyond their spreadsheets. Financials that provide valuable insights and analysis to support your decision-making processes, helping your business or firm navigate through complexities and identify growth and effiency opportunities.

The name Rixdale is inspired by the term “rijksdaalder,” incorporating elements of the word. The connection to the historical currency adds a touch of heritage and symbolism. The rijksdaalder is a historical Dutch coin that was in circulation from the 16th to the 19th century. It was initially introduced by the Dutch Republic and later used by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The rijksdaalder was valued at two and a half guilders.

Our finest financials excel at: 

  1. Strategic advisory and controlling
  2. Regulatory compliance and auditing
  3. Technology integration
  4. Risk management
  5. Data driven decision making and reporting

Are you familiar with the Dutch saying “een goed begin is een daalder waard?” It translates to “a good start is worth a daalder.” The phrase emphasizes the importance of a strong beginning or a good start in various endeavors, suggesting that a solid foundation or initial success can have significant value and set the stage for further achievements. At Rixdale that is exactly what we believe in.

Rixdale | The finest financials only.

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